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Hey everybody!

It‘ international Jazz Day today!

Yesterday I was playing with my new Jazz Ensemble N.I.C.E ( at „die Wilderin“/ Innsbruck). We played until midnight to start the Jazz day! 

Today we will be playing at the Cafe-Bar Virgolini’s in Hall (in Tirol) celebrating the Jazz Day again! Who gets to play twice on such a special day??

N.I.C.E. is: N(icole Wieser/vocals) & I(ngo Bauer/guitar) & C(lemens Wechselberger/horn) & E(ngelbert Gruber7bass)

playing Jazz, some Pop and our OWN stuff!

kreativmarkt einladung

on saturday, 12th of April, we will play at the creative market in

Autohaus Federer, Figerstrasse 2, Volders (Tirol)

maricole and special guest Stefan Brecher

we are very excited!!!

at the market you’ll get lovely self-made things (sewed, knitted and crafted) for easter, presents, etc…

the designers:

Schneemari Marina Schneeberger (

d’Inge design ( MY MOTHER!!!

and many more!!!!

looking forward to it!!!

Foto by Florian Koell